RR+ EasyGlider 4

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The "cult sailor" in the fourth generation. Appreciated by beginners and professional pilots alike.

ELAPOR®-Modell fertig gebaut, inklusive Antriebsmotor ROXXY
C28-34-850kv, Regler ROXXY BL-Control 720 S-BEC, montiertem Klapp-
Propeller 9x6", 2 Servos Tiny-S und 2 Servos Nano-S, Empfänger RX-5
M-LINK ID 9, Antriebsakku ROXXY Evo 3-2200, aufgebrachtem Dekor
und ausführlicher Anleitung
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The best EasyGlider ever!

The good-natured and robust electric glider EasyGlider 4 with aileron in the 4th generation. Its particular strength is to easily exploit thermals and updrafts with a low basic speed in gliding flight.
According to the motto: "Evolution instead of revolution", this ELAPOR® classic has been revised and is coming onto the market as 100% "Made in Germany".  The MULTIPLEX EasyGlider is cult and unsurpassed in its field. That's why the EasyGlider 4 also had to remain a genuine MULTIPLEX EasyGlider.

What's new:
- Wings with super-light and high-strength GRP square spar.
- Stiff fuselage due to M-Space technology
- Detachable rudder and tailplane - easy transport
- RR version with glued-on landing skid
- Modern designed decal sheet with landing skid
- Efficient and lightweight ROXXY engine

The RR model is 100% ready built and equipped with MULTIPLEX servos and a ROXXY drive set. Just mount your own RC system, load a drive battery (e.g.: ROXXY EVO 3-2200 20C M6), plug in wings and tailplane and screw them together, and the EasyGlider 4 is ready to fly. No gluing is necessary.

The EasyGlider 4 is a fun model that also makes a good figure in aerobatics (looping, roll, inverted flight, turn, ...).

- Optimized gliding characteristics
- Cranking out thermals made easy by very low ground speed
- Powerful, efficient brushless drive with S-BEC controller, for rapid climbs and long flight times
- Super robust thanks to ELAPOR® construction
- Folding propeller with elegant plastic spinner
- Landing aid by raising the ailerons
- Easy to transport thanks to detachable wings, rudder and tailplane
- Ample space in the fuselage allows the use of different battery sizes
- Comfortable battery change due to the colored canopy

Test immediately and free of charge!
Here you can test the MULTIPLEX-ELAPOR models always as the first in the free RC flight simulator: MULTIFlight
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2 - Hobby Pilots
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3S LiPo
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