SMART SX M-LINK Set, Mode 1+3, 2,4 GHz

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Transmitter for models

SMART SX M-LINK transmitter, RX-5 M-LINK ID 1 receiver, 3 x AA batteries, instructions.
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The SMART SX6 M-LINK is a compact and intelligent 6-channel entry-level remote control with amazing and partially patented features:

•    Intelligent, patented model recognition
• IOAT: new, patented antenna technology: transmission range of up to 2000 meters with optimal environmental conditions; optimized transmission direction (no radio waves backwards); Antenna integrated in the housing
• Implementation of almost all RC models on the market possible
• 150 models can be operated simultaneously without interference
• Long operating time up to 25 h

The transmitter recognizes the respective model through the M-LINK ID receiver and activates the corresponding setting from its considerable model memory (30). With the proven 2.4 GHz M-LINK transmission system, the full range is certainly available.
Of course, the SMART SX can also be operated with any M-LINK receiver. All compatible MULTIPLEX ELAPOR® models from RR+ to RTF are programmed at the factory. Due to the ease of use of the transmitter, almost every other model, from a wide variety of manufacturers, can be set very easily. Even the last fine trimming of a model is saved.
There are 5 fully proportional channels available: Elevator, rudder, motor plus two aileron and an additional switching channel, which is located on the trim switch for power.
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