Kit Heron

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ELAPOR® molded parts for fuselage, surfaces with foamed and CFRP-reinforced aluminum
Holm tubes, tail unit, canopy frame and glider nose, as well as transparent canopy
and GRP straps. All small plastic and linkage parts required for assembly,
punched decal sheet and detailed instructions
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The MULTIPLEX HERON is a high-performance electric glider with T-tail and high-performance 4-flap wings. With its elegant wings and flowing fuselage, it takes on thermals excellently and, if necessary, the efficient PERMAX brushless motor drives the folding propeller (RR version) powerfully. Due to its uncritical flight behavior and excellent flight performance, the HERON lets you experience maximum flying pleasure, regardless of whether you are a hobby pilot or an old hand. With elegance and precision you float through the air for a long time or enjoy sporty aerobatics. The extravagant 4-flap wings with their extremely stiff CFRP / ALU tube spar technology set completely new standards in the 2.40 meter class. With the standard flaps, you land absolutely precisely, improve the take-off properties and benefit from its wide range of performance for speed flight, aerobatics and thermal flight.
We recommend the matching drive set # 33 3660 "HERON/SOLIUS" for the kit; MULTIPLEX has perfectly matched the HERON to inspire you with a steep climb. The ELAPOR® model is characterized by a large number of new, innovative and extravagant detailed solutions and is therefore setting completely new standards in its class.


• 4-flap wings for high flight performance (flaps) and precise landing approaches (butterfly)
• wide range of services: speed flight, aerobatics, thermalling
• Innovative CFRP / ALU tubular spar technology for heavy-duty wings
• High-strength hull through GRP "M-SPACE technology"
• High-performance brushless drive with folding propeller on the RR version
• Clear canopy with highly detailed cockpit
• Easy to transport thanks to detachable surfaces and tailplane

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Technical data
Flight Experience
2 - Hobby Pilots
Wingspan (mm)
Assembly Time (Minutes)
Recommended Battery
3S LiPo
Flight Time (Minutes)
Take-Off weight Electric (gramms)
Take-Off weight Glider (gramms)
Engine Control
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