Wingstabi EVOLUTION 16ch M-LINK

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3-axis gyro system with integrated telemetry M-LINK DR Receiver. The latest evolution for safe flights.
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The next evolution in flight stabilization from
Surface models from Multiplex - Made in Germany
For the development of the WINGSTABI Evolution, we have been able to create an enormous database of a wide variety of flight models over the years.
The WINGSTABI Evolution is the logical consequence of this and raises the product to a new level.
The control has been fundamentally optimized in terms of performance, latency and the basic settings.
All previous WINGSTABI systems can be updated to the Evolution software free of charge and without restrictions.
The WINGSTABI Evolution can now be used directly from the pack with high performance and without any problems on almost all flight models.
A large number of new innovations and functions are also included in the
WINGSTABI Evolution software that now leaves nothing to be desired.
Examples for this are:
• A greatly improved basic setup to fly straight away
• Introduction of the optional speed-dependent control for optimal performance in every flight condition
• Introduction of a stop function for a natural and smooth action of the flight stabilization
• Possibility of two-receiver operation via SRXL for total safety on every flight
• Support for 8-flap wings, canards, optimized FAIL-Safe and much more.

Compatible with all popular RC systems | Compatible with all common RC systems
Jeti (EX-Bus, UDI) Graupner (SUMD) Futaba (S.BUS) FrSky (S.BUS) Spectrum (SRXL) HiTEC (MAXIMA SL, OPTIMA SL)

Differentiation WINGSTABI Evolution EasyControl
and WINGSTABI Evolution Classic
• As before, the model is completely programmed on the transmitter (deflections, flaps, expo, flight phases...)
• We need a free channel to which we assign a free proportional control
• Very easy setup even without a PC
• The model is almost completely programmed in WINGSTABI (deflections, mixers, flaps...)
• We need a free 3-step switch and at least one free proportional control
• Extensive setup on the PC or via APP

Each new Wingstabi Evolution is always delivered as "Evolution EasyControl" as standard and can be used free of charge via the MPX Launcher if required
be reconfigured to become an "Evolution classic".
The WINGSTABI Evolution has an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
Try it out and join us in the 21st century of model flying!

(Speed compensation via Pitot tube or GPS Patent: DE 10 2013 201 554 B3 PowerboxSystems)

Freely programmable 3-axis gyro system with integrated MULTIPLEX receiver RX-7/9 DR per M-LINK for all RC fixed-wing models.

• Integrated M-LINK receiver including telemetry
• Optimized high-end control behavior
• Optional speed-dependent control
• Receiver diversity support
• Plug & Play setup possible without a PC
• Programming also possible via PC or Android app
• Up to 4 freely configurable flight/control phases
• 7/9 servo outputs
• Free channel assignment
• Individual setting for each servo (5-point curve, frequency, expo, fail-safe, ...)
• Extensive options for flaps and mixers (delta mixer, V-tail, canards, ...)
• Diversity possible

For our MULTIPLEX users we offer a solution with an integrated M-LINK receiver. Packed in a design housing made of anodized aircraft aluminum, it features the latest RX-DR pro receiver technology
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