RR Tommy jr.

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A sporty biplane based on the American home-made aircraft from the Meyer Aircraft Company.


ELAPOR® model almost finished

  • drive motor ROXXY BL Outrunner C35-42-930kV
  • controller multiplex ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC
  •  propeller 12x6"
  • 4 servos Hitec HS-65HB
  • applied decor and detailed instructions
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The MULTIPLEX TOMMY jr. is a sporty biplane, which was modeled after the American home-made aircraft of the Meyer Aircraft Company. During development, value was placed on realizing an uncomplicated model with fantastic flight characteristics and a high degree of prefabrication.

The TOMMY Jr. is the ideal after work and “always there” model. It has absolutely uncritical flight characteristics and that in a very wide speed range. It always remains safe and precise to control. In addition, it is absolutely suitable for aerobatics. It will be a lot of fun for the advanced beginner, the "young gun" or the old hand.

In most cases, the model fits into the car when assembled and is therefore always quickly ready for a flight in between. In the event that the TOMMY jr. but if it has to be disassembled, the chassis is quickly unclipped. The wing unit, consisting of the upper and lower wing with canopy, can then be removed from the fuselage after loosening 2 plastic screws.

• Great flight picture of the prototypical biplane

• Very neutral, uncritical flight behavior.

• Ready painted and decorated.

• Easy to transport thanks to detachable landing gear and detachable wing unit

• Convenient battery replacement through the fuselage cover.

• High performance BL motor and ESC.

• 4 Hitec HS-65HB servos for elevator, rudder and aileron are already installed.

• Very high degree of prefabrication: Glue the wing unit together and assemble, glue in the tailplane, clip in the landing gear, install the receiver and fly!
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Technical data
Flight Experience
2 - Hobby Pilots
Wingspan (mm)
Assembly Time (Minutes)
Recommended Battery
3S LiPo
Flight Time (Minutes)
Take-Off weight Electric (gramms)
Take-Off weight Glider (gramms)
Engine Control
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