Multiplex battery safe bag 10

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LiPo charging and transport bag

Safety First: the safest way to charge, store and transport your LiPo batteries. For the AkkuSafe 10, MULTIPLEX uses a flame-retardant material "Made in Germany" up to 1200°C for the highest safety standards!
Handling high-performance lithium polymer batteries requires special measures to ensure safe charging, discharging and storage. In the event of a defect or incorrect handling, LiPo batteries can ignite and cause considerable damage.
The MULTIPLEX AkkuSafe 10 is made of special, fireproof and certified material according to the European standard EN531. In addition to observing the special charging and safety instructions for LiPo batteries, our AkkuSafe 10 offers additional protection for storing 10 standard LiPo batteries (e.g. 3S/2000mAh) or 5 hard case 2S LiPo batteries.

The safe MULTIPLEX AkkuSafe 10 is equipped as follows:
• 2-fold safety Velcro fasteners
• 2 snap fasteners
• Integrated pressure compensation system with high-quality Kevlar fabric
• Sturdy carrying strap
• Filter material heat resistant up to 1200°C
• Dimensions: 215 x 80 x 170mm
• Weight 351g
•Made in Germany

The MULTIPLEX AkkuSafe 10 is a must for every LiPo battery user.

Danger! Even when using the MULTIPLEX AkkuSafe 10, LiPo batteries must always be charged, discharged and stored on fireproof surfaces under supervision.
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