Kit GP-14 Velo double carbon+

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Beautiful high performance glider

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The new Multiplex GP-14 Velo Carbotec is modelled on the modern high performance glider from GP Gliders. The scale is 1:3.2, which results in a wingspan of 4.2 m for our GP-14 Velo Carbotec compared to the original. The model design and CAD construction were realised in cooperation with Ceflix-Modellsport. Those who know the premium models from Ceflix know why we were very happy about this cooperation. The prototypes were put through their paces on the flat as well as in high alpine terrain. We have to honestly admit that we are thrilled with the performance of our new GP-14 Velo Carbotec. It is strong in thermals, has a super pull, is very agile and always remains docile in slow flight. The elegant flight pattern suggests a much larger model, this is created by the voluminous fuselage, which corresponds to the scale.

The fuselage volume allows the convenient installation of the optional FES retractable landing gear #1-02942, which is equipped with a 100 mm wheel, a FES propulsion set #1-02968 on 6S or a folding impeller (e.g.: Ceflix 350 on 6S).

The FES propulsion system specially designed for the GP-14 Carbotec consists of a 50-mm outrunner motor with 485KV (#1-02941), a carbon fibre spinner by Freudenthaler adapted to the fuselage contour and a high-end carbon folding propeller by Georgi Mirov with 13x8 in white (#1-02944). In conjunction with a 6s 4000mAh Lipo.

(#1-02677), a powerful ground launch with efficient climb rate is possible. For hand launching on slopes, simply change the propeller to a GM CFK V2 Scale 18x8.5S (#1-02945). This setup then uses a 4s lipo, which also allows efficient hand launching. For pure hand launch operation without the possibility of ground launch we recommend our motor D50-65-400kv on 6S (# 1-02677) and the GM CFK V2 Scale 18x8,5S propeller (#1-02945).

1. BK GP-14 Velo Carbotec #1-02797

The wings of the standard version are built in a very stable full CFK (160 g) version, which will meet the needs and demands of most pilots. The fuselage is built in 2.4 GHz friendly glass at the front. At the rear the fuselage is made of full CFRP. The tailplane and rudder are also made of full CFRP.

2. BK GP-14 Velo double carbon+ # 1-02924

The wings of the double carbon+ version are built in 160g/80g CFRP, additionally more UD fabric was used in the spar webbing.  This version is extremely stable and at the same time light, the weight is hardly different to the standard version, but the wing is much stiffer. We recommend this version to all extreme pilots who like to fly alpine or who want to equip the Gp-14 Velo with a folding impeller.

The only difference between the two versions is the wing construction. The fuselage and the tailplane are the same.

Scope of delivery:

- CFRP fuselage (with glass fabric in RC range 2.4Ghz friendly).

- Full CFRP hull surfaces with bottom hinged rudders (We recommend the use of the enclosed GRP rudder horns, for a stiff and robust cross linkage. However, in order to leave customers the option of also installing LDS or IDS linkages, the rudder horn cut-outs have deliberately not been pre-milled).

- 4-square CFK mating

- Ready-made wing attachment to the fuselage using M5 plastic thumbscrews

- Plug-in winglets

- Full CFK tailplane

- Attached rudder with glued rudder lever

- Included matching wiring harness

- CNC milled canopy glass for easy assembly

- Included CNC machined wooden bulkheads for EDF and FES installation

-Extensive and high quality small parts accessories

Servo recommendation
Article number - Piece - Designation: Rudder function:
1-00064   2 Servo D145SW incl. servo frame aileron
1-00077   2 Servo D89MW- Flap
1-01865   2 Servo frame 89 CB- flap
1-00707   2 Servo MD250MW - Elevator/ Rudder


Technical data
Flight Experience
3 - Advanced
Wingspan (mm)
Recommended Battery
2S LiPo
Take-Off weight Electric (gramms)
Take-Off weight Glider (gramms)
Mandatory Accessories
Optional Accessories