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Safety First!

· LED cable 30cm
· 4 fixing screws
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The Safety Switch PRO is available in 3 variants:
- SAFETY SWITCH PRO Twinbatt (UNI) #1-01746
- SAFETY SWITCH PRO Twinbatt (M6) #1-01747

The motto when developing the Safety Switch PRO was "keep it simple".
No PC or other tools are required: buy, install, fly, done.
The power supply was kept as compact as possible so that it can also be found in sailboats, for example. Nevertheless, it was important to us to give the Safety Switch Pro an elegant design.
We have achieved this with the help of the aluminum housing, which also ensures very good heat dissipation.
As a switching element, you can choose the right one for you and your application from our two safety switches.
(#1-01784 Magnetic safety switch / #85195 Micro safety switch)
The scope of delivery includes an additional plug-in LED cable with a 3mm flat-head LED to display the switching status.
The safety switches are designed for a continuous current of 15A and 30A peak.
Since the receiver connection cable is the limiting factor here, the twinbatt version is also available with an M6 high-current connector. Here the continuous current carrying capacity is 35A and the permissible peak is 60A.
The Safety Switch PRO is an extremely reliable and safe power supply for your model.
Trust in our many years of experience.

• High-voltage power supply (input voltage = output voltage)SMD technology, low-wear, vibration-resistant
•    High-quality gold-plated connector systems and large cable cross-sections
•    High continuous current carrying capacity due to large-area cooling via the milled aluminum housing
• Low power loss due to "ideal" diodes simulated by FET.
• Safe battery connection with MPX M6 connector and safety clips
• Compact construction and elegant design
• Two receiver connection cables for twice the cable cross-section and twice the number of contacts with SAFETY-SWITCH PRO
• MPX M6 high-current connection with SAFETY-SWITCH PRO TwinBatt (M6) for direct connection to the MULTIPLEX receivers RX-9/12/16-DR per M-LINK or other receivers established on the market with M6 input.
• Integrated battery switch for SAFETY-SWITCH PRO TwinBatt. The batteries are discharged evenly at the same voltage level.
• If one battery fails, the second battery alone takes over the receiver power supply.
• Switch connection socket for free choice of your MPX switch.
• (magnetic safety switch / micro safety switch)
• LED status indicator on the case
• Additional pluggable LED cable with a 3mm flat head LED to indicate the switching status
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