True Air Speed + Vario Sensor M-LINK

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True Airspeed + Vario Sensor
Prandtl tube, 2 x connecting hoses 2.5m
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Warns of stall
The sensor measures the actual speed compared to the surrounding air and warns, for example, of a stall if the speed is too low on the landing approach.
The MULTIPLEX MSB sensor is developed and built in Germany. QualityMade in Germany!

Precision Vario
This Vario sensor takes the weather and atmospheric pressure changes into account when it is switched on and thus works extremely precisely.

• Measurement of the real flow velocity via dynamic pressure
• Measurement of the current altitude above atmospheric pressure
• Measurement of the rate of descent / ascent via the additionally installed vario / height sensor
• Automatic calibration of the sensors
• Adjustable warning thresholds

MSB = MULTIPLEX sensor bus
• Intelligent sensors with sensor bus system (MSB)
• Up to 16 sensors can be connected in series
• No additional sensor box required
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