Receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX M-LINK ID

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9-channel receiver for SMART SX 9 FLEXX!

In order to be able to use the SMART SX 9 FLEXX M-LINK transmitter as a 9-channel transmitter for functional models, you need a 9-channel M-LINK receiver. We recommend the optional 9-channel receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX M-LINK ID (#5 5837).The special features of the RX-4/9 FLEXX are the adjustable ID, max. 4 proportional channels, max. 9 switching channels in connection with the switching modules MULTIswitch FLEXX (#7 5888).These switching modules can be used in any quantity in a bus system can be connected to the 9-channel receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX.

This M-LINK receiver is developed and built in Germany. QualityMade in Germany!
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