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Power Supply for model aircraft
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The MULTIPLEX SAFETY-SWITCH High Voltage (HV) switch cables are the solution for safety-conscious model pilots. The receiver battery (4 - 6 cells NiXX or 2S LiXX) is connected directly to the SAFETY-SWITCH circuit board. The switching function is performed by vibration-resistant and fail-safe high-performance FETs, which are characterized by very low internal resistance and therefore very low power losses.
A conventional mechanical slide switch serves as the ON/OFF switching element. The operational status is very easy to see. If the slide switch or its connecting cables are defective, the electronics ensure that the last active switching state (ON/OFF) is retained. This means that even if the switch cable vibrates during the flight, the receiver circuit remains switched on and the receiving system remains functional. With telemetry-capable M-LINK receivers, the TwinBatt models offer the option of monitoring both receiver battery voltages on the transmitter.


• Small and lightweight, suitable for many applications
• Suitable for 2S LiXX and wear-free
• Absolutely vibration-resistant thanks to modern SMD technology
• 6 or 12 A continuous current carrying capacity
• Gold-plated, high-quality plugs and large cable cross-sections for maximum contact reliability and minimum contact resistance SAFETY-SWITCH 12HV TwinBatt (M6)
• Both switch cables also have a built-in battery switch and can thus be used for a dual power supply. If one battery fails, the second battery takes over the power supply for the receiving system.

The SAFETY-SWITCH TwinBatt variants each have two sensor connections for the voltage sensor (# 8 5400). After activating the second measuring channel on the sensor and a second sensor cable (# 8 5056), the two receiver battery voltages can be transmitted separately to the transmitter and displayed.