ROXXY Smart Control 940-6 SV

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Powerful and approved LiPo battery.

1 ROXXY Smart Controller 940-6 SV with telemetry for Futaba S-BUS V2;
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ROXXY® Smart Control - The intelligent speed controller - 40A

The ROXXY® Smart Control BL speed controller series offers an integrated telemetry function via the digital S.BUS2 interface. The ROXXY® Smart Control always informs you exactly about the current status of your drive: Current, capacity, speed, voltage and temperature are recorded and transmitted to the pilot.
The ROXXY® Smart Control controllers are based on the ROXXY® 900 series, which has been tried and tested thousands of times over, and offer the same high quality and performance for high-quality drive systems.
The integrated telemetry function replaces 5 separate sensors for current, capacity, speed, voltage and temperature - without additional costs and wiring. The ROXXY® Smart Control controllers have the digital Futaba S.BUS2 interface as standard for easy connection to Futaba telemetry systems. All control signals and also the telemetry data of all integrated sensors run via a connection cable to the receiver or S.BUS system.
Simply install the controller as usual, connect it, program it, register it as a sensor in the transmitter and the telemetry data will appear on the transmitter display.
Futaba transmitters can also announce the telemetry data via voice output. Furthermore, alarm values can also be set in the transmitter, which are output via an acoustic warning, such as speech, a beeper or a vibration alarm.
The telemetry data can be recorded on the SD card of all FASSTest® transmitters, making them available for detailed flight evaluation. Various PC programs are available for evaluation.


• Optional program card for simple and clear setting of the functions.
• Controller can be switched to internal or external rotor operation, LED display.
• Timing mode for adaptation to the number of motor poles.
• Brake that can be switched on and off, with adjustable braking force.
• High cycle frequency for sensitive control, e.g. B. when "torque"
• An integrated temperature protection protects against thermal defects.
• equipped with the usual protection and filtering functions, such as POR tarnish protection and RX filter
• Matched to the BL motor series ROXXY®, but can also be used for other BL motors, as there are almost no restrictions on the number of motor poles with these controllers.
• Adjustable soft start
• Integrated sensors: current, capacity, speed, voltage and temperature
• Digital S.BUS interface
• Of course, the controller can also be connected to normal PWM receiver outputs, the S.BUS interface can understand both signals, but then without the telemetry function.
Technical data
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