Roxxy HV Lipo 2-450B 7,6V 80C 3,42 Wh

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Get more out of your drive with the ROXXY Indoor HV Lipo series!
Thanks to the higher nominal voltage of 3.8V (Roxxy EVO Lipo 3.7V) and an end-of-charge voltage of 4.35V per cell (ROXXY EVO Lipo 4.2V), you have noticeably more power. All indoor drives recommended by us are compatible with the new HV series without restrictions. Since we didn't want to limit the small power packs in any way, we equipped them with an XT30 plug instead of our usual red BEC socket.
Don't worry about handling, every current charger has a LiHv program or at least an adjustable end-of-charge voltage range. However, you can also charge the batteries to 4.2V using only the standard Lipo program, and even then you will notice a difference.
Technical data
Capacity (mAh)
Number of cells
Discharge Current (C)
Battery Connector
XT 30
Balancer Connector
Charging Current (C)
2 C
Voltage (V)
Battery Type
LiPo High Voltage
Discharge Current (A)
Max. Current for 15 sec (A)
Optional Accessories