Roxxy BL Outrunner C50-55-480kV 3D Performance

Item No.: 1-01937
High Quality Brushless Outrunner of the famous ROXXY series.
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With our new C50-55 3D Performance series, we offer high-quality motors for the popular 1.5m (58-62 inch) aerobatic class.
Since both 5S and 6S batteries are used in this model class, we have designed two corresponding motors:
#1-01938 Multiplex Roxxy BL Outrunner C50-55-550KV 3D Performance for 5S.
#1-01937 Multiplex Roxxy BL Outrunner C50-55-480KV 3D Performance for 6S

As a propeller, we recommend a high-quality 16x7" inch 2-blade propeller made of wood or carbon.
In addition to the good thrust-performance-to-weight ratio, it was important to us to develop a high-quality motor with a first-class price-performance ratio.
The perfect coordination in terms of power consumption and engine performance results in an excellent flight time, which leaves nothing to be desired for extensive 3D flights.
We are pleased to be able to offer you these perfectly tuned and reliable motors for your 1.5m
3D aerobatic model to offer.
Technical data
Motor Type
Brushless Outrunner
Motor Diameter (mm)
Rotation per Volt
Motor Power (Watt)
Motor Shaft Diameter (mm)
Min. Voltage (V)
Max. Voltage (V)