ROXXY BL Outrunner C28-14-1250kV

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High Quality Brushless Outrunner of the famous ROXXY series.

engine with accessories
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•14 pole BL external rotor motor with Ø 28 mm

The new C28-14-1250KV has been specially optimized by us for 4D flight.
The Umpolperformance is fast and reliable, it forms the perfect symbiosis between performance, weight and durability.
With our 4D propeller and 4D controller you get a powerful drive set that will give you a lot of pleasure.
However, this motor is not only suitable for 4D flying.
For example, it is also a perfect tuning engine for our BK Challenger Indoor Edition.
ROXXY® brushless motors with neodymium magnets are state-of-the-art electric drives.
•High efficiency due to maximum copper filling and use of high-quality neodymium magnets.
•Easy running thanks to large precision ball bearings
•Weight savings through the use of a hollow shaft
Technical data
Motor Type
Brushless Outrunner
Motor Diameter (mm)
Rotation per Volt
Motor Power (Watt)
Motor Shaft Diameter (mm)
Min. Voltage (V)
Max. Voltage (V)