ROXXY BL-Control 780 S-BEC

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Powerful ESC for brushless motors.
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Brushless controller for large models or powerful drives

This ROXXY® BL Control controller is designed for fixed-wing and helicopter models and has a very powerful switching BEC. By using the latest switching regulator, it can be powered from up to 6S LiPo cells as a drive battery. A separate receiver battery is not required.
The servos then have 7 amps of current and briefly up to 10 amps.
Extensive programming options allow the controller to be optimally adapted to the respective application.

Programming options and telemetry:
• LiPo and NiXX batteries selectable undervoltage cut-off
• Programming possible with a transmitter (by stick position) or with the MULTImate from Multiplex
• Brake can be switched on and off
• Motor direction reversal
• Motor start-up behavior
• Timing
• Clock frequency selectable 8/16khz
• Governor mode (speed control) for helicopter models