ROXXY BL Control 712 BEC

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Powerful ESC for brushless motors.

1 controller ROXXY BL Control 712 BEC; Instructions
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ROXXY® BL-Control for brushless external rotor motors - 12A

The ROXXY® BL Control 712 BEC is designed for 6...10 NC/NiMH or 2..3 Lipo cells. The clock frequency is 10,000 Hz, which achieves a very good level of sensitivity, which is particularly beneficial when it comes to "torque". The brake can be switched on and off by programming, the low-voltage cut-off can be set to the values low-medium-high. The motor start-up can be adjusted to the values normal-medium-soft. In addition, the engine timing can be set in 3 stages.

Like all ROXXY® controllers, this one is also equipped with the usual protection and filter functions, such as POR start-up protection, RX filter and thermal overload protection.