Receiver RX-16-DR Master

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1x receiver RX-16-DR Master
4x damping grommet with screw and tubular rivet, for mounting in the model
1x instructions
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M-Link receiver with 16 individually fused servo outputs

• Integrated high-performance battery backer (55 A) with connection for optional on/off switch
•     Robust anodized aluminum housing with integrated heat sink for the battery backer
• Internal receiver diversity through two redundant receiver units with high-quality antenna preamplifiers
• Device specific launcher interface for all receiver functions including rebinding and updates
• Extended failsafe functionality (servo off, servo hold, position servo) with adjustable or infinite failsafe time. Options can be set via transmitter, button on receiver or via launcher
• Servo control frequency for all servos can be selected separately in four stages (analog/digital).
• Connection via launcher is also possible with the transmitter activated, giving full graphic control of the controls and immediate visual feedback on configuration changes in the transmitter model memory
• Receiver configuration saved to file with restore option in launcher menu
• Factory reset from the launcher menu
• Launcher configurable telemetry output of voltages and LQI
• The SRXL port can be set to "Output SRXL V1", "Output SRXL V2 (Default)" and also "SRXL Diversity in".
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