Power Peak BID-Chip with cable 300mm

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BID chip with cable 300 mm
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BID system = battery identification system.

The unique ROXXY® BID chip technology for easy handling on POWER PEAK® chargers is integrated as standard in almost all ROXXY® EVO batteries.

Each battery is assigned a small, light BID chip that stores all relevant data for optimal and safe charging/discharging of the battery. For charging and discharging, the BID chip and the battery are connected to a BID charger. The BID system now gives the POWER PEAK® BID loader the correct parameters.

The following load settings are stored in the BID chip/key:
• Battery type (NC, NiMH, LiIo, LiPo, LiFe, lead)
• Cell Count
• Battery capacity
• Charge current
• discharge current
• Date (e.g. first use)
• Delta peak cut-off voltage
• Shutdown temperature

The following data is stored in the BID chip/key with each loading process:
• Currently invited capacity
• Current discharged capacity
• Maximum charged capacity
• Maximum discharged capacity
• Number of charging cycles

Any rechargeable battery from any manufacturer can be equipped with the ROXXY® BID chips (# 308472).