Power MULTIlight

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See and be seen!

The POWER-MULTIlight is THE choice to equip your model with a more prototypical lighting. The switchable landing lights, position and anti-collision lights give your model aircraft a very authentic look. The nine super-bright 8mm LEDs are pre-wired (cable length per LED is 1m) and pluggable and can therefore be installed quickly. The POWER-MULTIlight is suitable for motor models from approx. 1300 mm, helicopters from the 500 class and jet models.

The following functions can be switched via the remote control.
1. all OFF
2. Position lights and anti-collision light ON
3. Position lights, anti-collision lights and landing lights ON
When connected directly to the power source, all functions are permanently ON.


• Nine LEDs, fully wired: 2x white double flash, 2x red flashing, 2x white landing lights, 1x red continuous, 1x green continuous, 1x white continuous
• Landing lights and position lights switchable via remote control transmitter
• Light weight
• Very high luminosity of the LEDs
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