Power drive "TwinStar - BL"

Item No.: 332619
Propulsion Set

2 x Permax BL-O 2830-1100
2x Multicont 20
2x propellers 8x5
Cable set for motors and servo cables
small parts
no aluminum engine bulkheads, these are already included in BK 214279
197,60 €
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Low availability.

Perfectly matched drive set for the TwinStar BL.

When it comes to drive design, every single component is important. A weak battery, a wrong propeller, a motor that doesn't fit exactly and the performance of a model goes into the "basement"! After long periods of testing, MULTIPLEX drive sets are optimally designed and guarantee maximum flying fun!

Your advantages:
There is no need to assemble individual components. Time-consuming adjustments and tests are not required. All required parts are included, no soldering required. With the MULTIPLEX drive sets you will quickly achieve the desired success and great flying experiences.

MULTIPLEX drive sets consist of the following quality components:
• Engines
• Controller
• Optimally adapted propellers (if included)
• Consistent connector system, already soldered
Spare Parts