outrunner E-Motor Himax C 2816-1220 w. accessories

Item No.: 333017
Approved Brushless Outrunner.

Engine; engine mount; propeller driver; set of small parts
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High-quality brushless motor with Ø 28 mm

Motor of the 200 watt class, suitable for 3D flight models from approx. 500 g to 700 g, for aerobatic models up to 900 g or trainer models up to approx. 1200 g. As well as for glider models up to 2000 g.
Typical power consumption with
2S LiPo, Prop 11" x 4.7" approx. 20 A,
3S LiPo, Prop 9" x 4.7" approx. 22 A.

HIMAX brushless motors are manufactured according to the high standards for quality-conscious model athletes. Optimized for low weight, high efficiency, high torque and durability, Himax brushless motors are the right choice for powerful RC models.
Optional Accessories