Multigyro CSX 7 / 9 / 12

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The MULTIGYRO CSX is an expansion module for the COCKPIT SX 7 and 9 transmitters.
The MULTIGYRO CSX is already installed in the COCKPIT SX 12.

This is a gyro/position sensor that is used either to directly control servos or optionally to switch various functions
can be. It can also be used as an input in the servo and encoder mixers.

Gyro and position sensors can be output directly on a servo channel, e.g. to control a servo. Another option is to use it in
encoder and servo mixers, here you can use the sensors as input. Gyro and position sensors can also be used as switches
be used. For example, a timer announcement or telemetry voice output can be started by moving the transmitter.

Important note: To use the sensor, the transmitter must be updated to version V1.30 or higher with the MULTIPLEX Launcher.