MPX M6-50 High-current plug female, 3pcs.

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MPX socket M6-50 'Made in Germany'
PE bag with 3 pieces for soldering
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The original improved and made unique! Made in Germany!
The popular MPX socket can now be used permanently for currents of up to 50 amps. Up to 100 amps may flow for a short time with a 2x3 pole connection.
The special features such as reverse polarity protection, versatility and compact design have been supplemented by the fire protection class UL94 V-0.
Thus, the socket is the perfect plug-in connection, e.g. for the drive battery and controller or drives, or for other plug-in connections.

The contacts are made of a copper alloy, which is additionally nickel-plated before gold-plating.

An essential feature of this original are the contacts, which are freely stored in the plastic.
The pins are individually twisted, which means that the contacts can be found as best as possible when plugged into the MPX connector and a reliable connection is guaranteed.
This results in the lowest possible contact resistance and extremely many mating cycles are possible.

The new sockets are compatible with the old plugs, but the low current carrying capacity of the plug must be taken into account.
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