Linear-Actuator HLS12-100210-7.4V

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perfect for functional modellers !
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Linear servo especially suitable for functional modelling.

HiTEC linear actuators originally come from our industrial division and fulfil various tasks in automation and robotics. The actuators come in three different lengths (30, 50 and 100mm stroke length) as well as three different spindle pitches (1:50, 1:210, 1:380). Linear actuators with a short ratio of 1:50 are very fast, whereas those with a long ratio (1:380) are extremely powerful.

In model making, especially in functional model making, the actuators can be used for many applications, because unlike other linear actuators on the market, these have an integrated travel measuring system. Therefore, the extension length can be approached very precisely. This is done analogue to conventional servos via the PWM signal. 900us = fully retracted and 2100us = fully extended. In between, each position can be approached specifically.

The operating voltage is 4.8-7.4V and here too we are within the usual model building range.

Typical applications in model making: stamps of trucks and crane models, tilting movements of troughs or ladders, extending ladders, operating gear shifts, steering movements, sliding movements of signs, etc.

100 mm Output length
210 : 1 transmission ratio
Technical data
Motor Type
Brushed Motor
Max. Voltage (V)
Hitec Servo Series
HLS series