LED lighting set, wireless

Item No.: 1-00966

3 Positionslichter, rot, grün, weiß.
USB Ladeadapter und Ladekabel
3 doppelseitige Klebepads
transparenten Aufkleber, für weniger gut haftenden
oder rauen Oberflächen. Als Untergrund für die Klebepads
3 Sprachige Bedienungsanleitung
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With the POWER-MULTILight wireless lighting, you can attractively illuminate almost any model in the simplest way. The three colors give you a position light that is used to indicate position and direction of movement to avoid collisions. Since no complex wiring has to be carried out, retrofitting is possible without any problems.

Dimensions per light: 48mm x 15mm x 14mm
Weight of each light: 5.8 g
Battery Type: 1S LiPo, 85mAh
Light duration: Depending on the selected operating mode:
Red, approx. 1h 30min; Green, approx. 1h 45min; White, approx. 2h 15min
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