G-Force Sensor M-LINK

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Measures g-forces

This multiplex G-rate sensor was specially developed for use in model sports and uses the MULTIPLEX M-LINK telemetry protocol (MSB).
A load of 1 g (~ 9.81m/s²) corresponds to the force of gravity (gravitational acceleration) to which we are constantly exposed. Especially with manned aircraft and special flight maneuvers, the load is often many times higher. With g-loads on the human body of more than 5g, for example, unconsciousness can already occur.
Especially when operating a man-carrying aircraft, the maximum "g" values determined by the manufacturer must not be exceeded. With immediate effect, you can use the MULTIPLEX G-sensor to determine the loads your model is exposed to during operation and the (load) multiple of the Z-axis (vertical axis) and the X-axis (longitudinal) as a g value on your Output multiplex remote control.
Measuring range: -16 g ... +16 g

The MULTIPLEX MSB sensor is developed and built in Germany. QualityMade in Germany!

MSB = MULTIPLEX sensor bus
• Intelligent sensors with sensor bus system (MSB)
• Up to 16 sensors can be connected in series
• No additional sensor box required
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