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Extremely small, lightweight data logger

which records all the data available on the MULTIPLEX Sensor Bus (MSB) on a micro SD card. The data is saved in .csv data format and transferred to a PC via the micro SD card (micro SD USB card reader included in delivery). The data can then be displayed and evaluated using Microsoft Excel or LogView (). In the model, the FlightRecorder is connected to the sensor connection ("S") of a telemetry-capable M-LINK receiver or any sensor.

Recording duration at least 100 hours
with 2GB Micro-SD card with maximum data volume and maximum number of sensors. It can be exchanged for a larger standard micro SD card at any time.

Start/stop recording
Controllable via the remote control, alternatively auto start/stop when switching on or off.

Trajectory display via GPS data in GoogleEarth
Data export via LogView in ".kml" data format for GoogleEarth. Is possible with MULTIPLEX GPS # 8 5417 from version 1.30.

Can be used as a data logger in the transmitter
The FlightRecorder can also be operated as a telemetry data logger in the transmitter. The FlightRecorder is connected to the "COM." interface* on the HFM3, HFM4, HFMx V2, HFMG or COCKPIT SX M-LINK. However, a complete data recording with maximum data rate of the telemetry or sensor values is only guaranteed when operating in the model as a real FlightRecorder. The operation of the FlightRecorder in the transmitter is also possible at the same time as the Telemetry-Display # 4 5182!
* A hardware upgrade or software update may be required for older HFM3 and HFM4 M-LINK modules as well as the COCKPIT SX M-LINK (Service offer under Downloads)

"Stand alone operation" possible
The FlightRecorder can also be operated without the M-LINK system (receiver and transmitter). The data from the directly connected sensors are recorded (e.g. in models without 2.4 GHz or third-party RC systems or independently of the model sport: hiking, cycling tours, etc.)

Firmware updatable
Via PC/Internet update (MULTIPLEX launcher) with USB PC cable (UNI) # 8 5149

MSB = MULTIPLEX sensor bus
• Intelligent sensors with sensor bus system (MSB)
• Up to 16 sensors can be connected in series
• No additional sensor box required

Scope of delivery:
FlightRecorder with 2GB micro SD card and micro SD USB card reader