ESC MULTIcont BL-20 SD-L EasyStar II

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1 MULTIPLEX controller MULTIcont BL-20 SD; Instructions
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Powerful brushless ESC - 20A

MULTIPLEX MULTIcont SD/SD-L controllers are characterized by a number of interesting features:
  • numerous programmable parameters
  • Undervoltage shutdown for: LiPo or NiXX batteries
  • Brake: ON or OFF
  • Engine shutdown type: engine power reduction or engine shutdown
  • Motor start-up behavior: standard, soft and super soft.
  • Timing: Low, Medium, High
  • Start safety system prevents unintentional engine start when plugging in the battery
  • Engine shutdown in the event of massive radio interference or no transmitter signal: Reduced in the event of radio interference from 1 second, in the event of interference longer than 3 seconds, the engine is switched off completely.
  • Start-up protection: If the motor cannot start within 2 seconds, the controller switches the motor off. In order to start the engine, the throttle stick must first be moved to the "idle" position.