EC-Elapor Color red fluorescent 400 ml

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Perfect painting for Elapor models and foam parts. Make it your own style !

EC – ELAPOR-COLOR: Spray can with a content of 400 ml, satin finish
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Completely new recipe

Perfectly adhering and opaque paints for construction foam surfaces and ELAPOR® models.

The new recipe makes processing much easier:
• Produces perfect silk matt surfaces
• Short drying times
• Optimum opacity
• New formula: no primer required
• Practical 400ml can at a reasonable price
• Also suitable for Depron and Styrofoam models

EC – ELAPOR-COLOR is tailored to the special requirements of foam surfaces. A special primer function was added to the new recipe, so no extra primer is required. Let your imagination run wild. The color impresses with its excellent coverage. The paint is scratch-resistant and weather-resistant! In addition, the paint adheres to all common construction foams, whether based on Depron or EPS.

For an optimal painting result, please observe the following processing instructions:

Shake the can well for 2 minutes before applying the paint.

The spray head must be clean. First test spray on a test surface or in an inconspicuous place.
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