ROXXY BL Outrunner C35-30-800kV

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High Quality Brushless Outrunner of the famous ROXXY series.

Engine; engine mount; propeller driver; set of small parts
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14 pole BL external rotor motor with Ø 27 mm

ROXXY® brushless motors with neodymium magnets are state-of-the-art electric drives. High-torque, high-efficiency motors are available over a wide power range, especially with external-rotor motors that do not require a gearbox. Due to their design, external rotor motors can drive large propellers without gears.

This makes it ideal for direct drive.

• High efficiency due to maximum copper filling and use of high-quality neodymium magnets.
• Smooth running thanks to large precision ball bearings
• Mounting possible on both sides

Matching propellers:
35mm 3-blade @ 2S - LiPO battery (7.4V) Load Current: 3.6A Standing Thrust: 800g
40mm 3-Leaf @ 2S LiPO Battery (7.4V) Load Current: 4.2A Standing Thrust: 900g
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