GP-14 FES Einziehfahrwerk Ø100mm

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Speziell entwickeltes Fahrwerk für die GP-14
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In order to get our GP-14 into the air by means of FES ground launch, we had a special landing gear developed. It was obvious to have this done by Ceflix Modellsport, since the CAD for the GP14 also comes from them. It was very important to us that the landing gear legs were not too long, in order to maintain the scale character, but also to ensure sufficient ground clearance for the propeller. Besides, these points are decisive for an uncomplicated and safe starting procedure. By choosing the most modern materials and processing methods, the weight could be optimised and an enormous strength could be achieved. The usual accessories such as brake, servo holder, parts for the damped undercarriage installation etc. are already included in the version we offer.
The landing gear with its 100mm wheel is thus perfectly matched to our new GP-14. It is robust, stable, light, reliable, of high quality and attractively priced.

Technical data
Wheel size: 100mm
Weight: 490g incl. brake, servo mount and damper
Material: High-strength aircraft aluminium
Colour: Black matt anodised