TEK-Vario + TAS(TrueAirspeed)Sensor

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TEK Vario with True Airspeed Sensor,
Prandtl tube, 2 x connecting hoses 2.5m
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TEK stands for Total Energy Compensated.
The innovative Total Energy Compensated (TEK) Vario function, as well as the precision speed measurement (TAS) make the TEK-Vario - TAS sensor a must for the ambitious glider / aerobatic pilot.
The Total Energy Compensation now allows you to almost completely hide the "stick thermals" (the "pull" or "push"), making it even easier and more precise to search for and find thermals. The level of compensation that can be individually adjusted to suit the needs of the model and pilot is particularly advantageous. This can be adjusted via the MULTIPLEX Launcher or conveniently during the flight via the transmitter (using a slider control assigned to any servo channel). The TEK-Vario - TAS sensor uses a so-called precision Prandtl tube as a sensor, which means that the sensor is also able to record the real speed (TAS - True Air Speed) of your model in the air. In contrast to conventional speed measurement using GPS "over ground", the TEKVario - TAS sensor is therefore an important tool to protect your model from a dangerous stall.

The TEK-Vario-TAS sensor is characterized by a number of innovative features:
• Measurement of sink / climb rate via precision TEK vario / altitude sensor.
• Adjustable TEK effect.
• Measurement of the real flow velocity via dynamic pressure.
• Measurement of the current altitude above atmospheric pressure.
• Automatic calibration of the TEK vario sensor, the height sensor and the speed measurement.
• Automatic adjustment of the speed measurement to the height above sea level
Dependent air density, this enables the correct display of the speed regardless of the flight altitude.
• Adjustable warning threshold for maximum speed, stall (stall warning).
• Adjustable warning threshold for minimum altitude, maximum altitude, for maximum sink rate.
• Adjustable Vario integration time.
• Adjustable self sink suppression.
• Simple operation and updating via the MULTIPLEX Launcher.
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