Servoframe 70 CB

Item No.: 1-01864

- plastic parts
- 1x ball bearing
- 1x counter bearing pin
- 4x self-tapping screw
- 1x Quick Guide
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Our new servo frames give you the option of installing some of our proven Hitec servos horizontally (e.g. in sailplanes). We offer the servo frames in three sizes. In order to ensure that the linkage is as hard and free of play as possible, our frames are each equipped with a counter bearing (CB=Counter Bearing).
Another important aspect of this is the relief of the servo gears when axial forces occur. The frame is symmetrical and can therefore be used flexibly.
The special feature of our servo frames is that the bearing block can be screwed on.
This makes assembly/disassembly very easy.

The servo frame 70 CB (# 1-01864) is suitable for the following servos:
  • Hs-70 #112070
  • HS-5070 #113070
  • HS-65MG #112066
  • HS-5065MG #113065
  • MD65MW #1-01600
  • MD70MH-CAN #1-01201
  • MD70WP-CAN #1-01202
  • MD70MH-UAVCAN #1-01644
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