ROXXY EVO LiPo 6 - 4400 30C m/w BID-Chip; 97,7Wh

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Powerful and approved LiPo battery.

1 ROXXY LiPo battery Evo 6 - 4400 30 C with BID chip
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ROXXY® EVO LIPO battery - more power, more capacity!

The ROXXY® EVO battery series offers an above-average voltage situation, even with large load currents, more "pressure". The capacity under load and the total number of cycles of the Roxxy® EVO battery is also extremely high.
Furthermore, the Roxxy® Evo line is characterized by smaller dimensions and lower weight, while at the same time high C-rate. The unique ROXXY® BID chip technology for the simplest handling of Power Peak® chargers is integrated as standard for almost all Roxxy® EVO ACCUS.

BID system = battery identification system.

A small, light BID chip is assigned to each battery, which stores all relevant data for optimal and secure loading/unloading of the battery. The BID chip and the battery are connected to a BID charger for charging or unloading. Now the BID system provides the right parameters to the Power Peak ® BID loader.

The following loading settings are saved in the BID chip/key:
• Battery type (NC, NIMH, Liio, Lipo, Life, lead)
• Cell number
• battery capacity
• charging current
• discharge current
• Date (e.g. first commissioning)
• Delta peak shutdown voltage
• Deputy temperature

The following data is saved in the BID-Chip/Key for each charging process:
• Currently invited capacity
• Currently discharged capacity
• Maximum loaded capacity
• Maximum discharged cap.
• Number of charging cycles

All of the different manufacturers can be equipped with the ROXXY® BID chips (# 308472).
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