Multicharger X4 Micro SE

Item No.: 1-00689
Perfect charger for 1-cell batteries.

1x Charger X4 Micro SE
1x power cord
1x 12V connection cable with alligator clips
2x adapter cable Molex connector 1.25mm pin spacing
1x Multilingual Instructions
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12 V or 240 V 4-way charger with max. 1.2 A

The ultimate battery charger for all indoor models, mini quadrocopters, airplanes or helicopters.
Each of the models that are fired with the small single-cell Lipos or LiHV batteries needs this charger.

The 4 independent charging outputs can be used individually. There are 4 different connector types available for direct connection of the batteries. Operation is intuitive and simple.
The charged capacity, current and voltage are shown on the display of the respective channel during the charging process.

Compared to the previous charger, you can easily switch the X4 Micro SE to the new LiHV cell technology, as these batteries have a charging end voltage of 4.35 volts.
The digitizer has also been revised so that the charging current can be set more precisely. And last but not least, the charging power per output has been increased and a maximum current of up to 1.2 amperes can now be set.

For maximum security, the X4 Micro SE offers short circuit protection, overcharge protection, reverse polarity protection and DC input voltage protection.

Away from any socket, thanks to the possibility of being supplied with an external voltage source, e.g. a 3-cell or 4-cell LiPo battery can be used to charge many 1-cell Lipos.
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