Kit Alpina carbotec (Glider)

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Kit contains:
Fuselage, canopy, wings, square spar connectors and tail unit parts in GRP/CRP
Technology. High quality accessories. CNC milled servo or battery mounting board. Small parts bag with
Fork heads, ready cranked linkage parts and Multilock wing locks. illustrated
3-language manual.
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The name ALPINA has a long tradition at MULTIPLEX®. The original Alpina was brought onto the market by MULTIPLEX® in 1980 and has since been regarded as an absolute cult model among 4m club sailors. Up until the 2000s, the names Alpina and MULTIPLEX® were closely linked and even today the origin of the Alpina models is still in the minds of many. The MULTIPLEX®-Alpina Carbotec is a completely new development of a powerful 4m GRP/CRP glider. You will be amazed by the CAD-designed model and the molded parts created using CNC. The Alpina Carbotec was conceived, laid out and tested by experienced glider pilots at MULTIPLEX®. We were able to win the company Tomahawk Aviation® for the implementation to series maturity and production. The model is designed as an all-rounder. It is the ideal hang glider, but also a pleasure on the flat with electric drive or in F-tow. Thermal flying, exact 4-time rolls and rapid overflights are the main disciplines of this model. The new MULTIPLEX® Alpina Carbotec is the toughest Alpina we have ever built thanks to the targeted use of carbon fibre.
•Fully CFRP shell surfaces and fins
•4-edge CFRP spar connection
• CFRP-reinforced hull (with glass fabric in the RC area)
•Electrically less than 5 kg take-off weight can be realized with the recommended components
• Ventilation slits already milled in the E version
•Large fuselage front section with removable CFRP canopy, making it easier to install the RC and motor, and to change the battery
• Flaps attached from below for perfect aerodynamics, rudder gaps sealed with sealing lips
•Short construction time due to very high level of prefabrication
•Elevator bearing pre-assembled in the fuselage, only needs to be glued; Forced connection of the electrical contacts already prepared
•High quality accessories included in the kit
•Cable set specially tailored to the model available, no soldering required
•Specially and perfectly matched to the model and tested drive set with ROXXY® components, aero-naut® propeller blades and CNC-made aluminum spinner available for the use of 5S 5000 batteries
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